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Turn Key Design home renovations are guided by a deep affinity for all that a vintage home represents. Each home occupies the earth on which it stands to the exclusion of all others, usually for at least a century.  Each home is a record of the vision and skill of those who designed and built it, attested by the gracefully situated window or the perfect alignment of a tile installation.  Each home retains some trace of its every family,  recalled by the worn path on a stair or the perennials by a kitchen door.  Each home is a strand in a tapestry of communal life within its neighborhood.   

That's why we consider our client to be the home we're renovating.   Our work is guided by the home itself – by the character of its architecture, its natural lighting and the views framed by its windows, the colors and textures that harmonize all its elements, and its neighborhood setting.  That approach seldom aligns with market fads, but the results are always fresh and classic.