Turn-Key Design Policies

OFFERS & CONTRACTS:   Our homes are offered by Turn-Key Design as owner.  Showing requests and offers are submitted at 502-649-6806 or admin@turn-keydesign.net.   We welcome Buyers with Agents, but Buyers don't need an Agent to schedule a showing or submit an offer.   Buyers may submit offers via the contract form prepared by our legal counsel at Morgan & Pottinger (download here) or any other contract of the Buyer's choosing. With or without realtor representation, Buyers are advised to have any real estate contract reviewed by their own legal counsel.  

COMMISSIONS:  Buyer Agent commissions are stated in listings or coordinated in advance of a showing.  
WARRANTIES:   Turn-Key Design passes on the title warranty received upon purchase of the property after thorough title research by its Morgan & Pottinger legal counsel and the purchase of title insurance.   No other warranties are offered by Turn-Key Design, but we pass on any warranties of subcontractors or on materials such as appliances. 

Turn-Key Design