Who We Are

Turn-Key Design is a collaboration of Kelli Lorenzen and Marcy Cassady, friends with over a decade of collaboration on home renovation and interior design.

Kelly has amassed an impressive array of credentials and awards in over twenty years of professional experience in residential and commercial design.   Her singular passion, however, is finding the abused and neglected house that everyone else overlooks and making it both beautiful and a home.  Through many such projects, she has earned the loyalty of Turn-Key Design's team of craftsmen, who trust her instincts and love her decisiveness.  She's known to her friends and colleagues as a human whirlwind for her boundless energy, resourcefulness and gift for home-making.


Marcy is an attorney by training, a teacher by vocation, and a former government affairs consultant to clients that included Kentucky's school superintendents.   Turn-Key Design is a hobby – or more truly, a compulsion.   She uses 3D design software to develop renovation plans and to collaborate with project teams, and construction cleaning is her aerobic activity of choice.  She is the perfectionist that every project needs in small doses.  After renovating six personal homes, she helped found Turn-Key Design with the enthusiastic support of her husband (who would like to stop moving on a regular basis so that she can remodel something).

Turn-Key Design

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